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What Is Accelerator?

Accelerator Strategic Development is a new ministry launching May 5, 2018. We want to get the word out about this ministry in advance, you will want to keep track of it! Our mission is to help congregational and ministry leadership grow their ministries by:  

  • Helping them define and gain organization wide focus on their mission.  
  • Providing Strategic Training to ensure that leadership is fully equipped for the work of their ministry. Strategic Training looks at the needs of the ministry to define training needs and then designs focused training to build needed capacities.
  • Helping them understand their organizations and communities through data research and reporting.

The exact details of what our ministries will look like are not being released yet. In the meantime we're seeking your input as part of our Virtual Advisory Team to help us be sure that what we do will be focused on you and ministries like yours. One of our key values is that we focus ministry on what you need and not on what we think we know you need. Your input is important to us as we plan the details of how our ministries will function. Membership will only require a few minutes a month to answer a few questions. Sign up simply by clicking this LINK.  

Membership will have its privileges with free gifts and services and discounts when we release new ministries. Sign up now and receive a free video training just for registering.  

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter at @XLR8Mission  

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